Harnessing Creative Learning approaches to support Teaching and Learning
Over fifty EAS schools have successfully joined the LCS programme since it began, and applications are now open for schools and clusters of schools who are not in this group. The current application round is the final chance to apply, and the applications deadline is Friday 27th January.

The first year of the scheme coincided with the beginning of the curriculum reform process in Wales and the setting up of the Pioneer programme – the key themes of experiential learning, enrichment and creative skills development are also central to the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and EAS recognise it as having a role to play in helping to prepare schools for the advent of the new curriculum in 2018 and 2020.

The Lead Creative School scheme is open to all schools and each project focuses on a real issue from the school development plan. Group applications are encouraged, especially cross phase cluster projects. You can apply for between £10,000 and £29,000. In EAS we have 55 lead creative schools taking part in 39 projects across all types of schools, and project examples include:

· Primary school pupils created a pop-up restaurant and made a TV commercial with a professional film production company to promote it – focus on boys’ motivation and engagement, and parental and community engagement

· Pupils with profound multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) created multi-sensory sound and light compositions with musicians and puppeteers – focus on independent learning and self-efficacy

· Key stage 3 learners explored geography fieldwork through blogging, photography, ceramics and poetry with a multi-disciplinary artist – focus on girls’ attainment, well-being and engagement

· Key stage 2 pupils improved their overall engagement and motivation and literacy attainment levels through working with a professional actor and playwright – focus on boys’ attainment and well being

For help applying and further information please contact your regional team. Details can be found below:

EAS: Shaun Featherstone, Regional Lead (shaun.featherstone@arts.wales) and Claire Turner, Regional Officer (claire.turner@arts.wales)

For further information and to begin your application please visit: http://www.arts.wales/what-we-do/creative-learning/the-lead-creative-schools-scheme/schools

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